Kuala Lumpur, 5th December 2012 – It’s easy to head out into the tropical heat thinking you are protected because of all that sunscreen you have slathered on. You have judiciously checked the labels and decided on a sunscreen with an SPF rating of 30 or more. Slap it on and soak up the sun without the fear of burning.

However, a recent mathematical analysis has shown that using a sunscreen that is readily removed from the skin achieves little in the way of sun protection, no matter when it is reapplied. In fact, it is estimated that 90 percent of non-melanoma skin cancers and 65 percent of melanoma skin cancers are associated with exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun.

“To get the level of SPF you see on the label, you have to spread the lotion on like a layer of vanilla frosting; that’s the thickness used in Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tests. However, research shows that the average person applies just one-quarter to one-half of that amount. That makes the effectiveness of your sunscreen a fraction of the stated SPF, so your SPF 40 is really a 10,” said Mr. Adam Lim, General Manager, NeoAsia Malaysia and Singapore.

Sunscreens on their own may not be effective in protecting you from the most dangerous forms of skin cancer. Only a combination of oral sun protection and topical sunscreen can provide the optimal protection against short and long term sun damage.

Realising the importance of protecting solar skin damage from inside out and beyond sunscreens, Neo Asia (M) Sdn Bhd aspires to improve skin’s inner defenses against sun damage by introducing world’s first oral sun protection – Heliocare Oral.

Exclusively researched at Harvard Medical School for more than 12 years by renowned scientists Dr. TB Fitzpatrick and Dr. S. Gonzalez, Heliocare Oral is the first oral sun protection with clinically proven ability to prevent free radicals, premature aging and hyperpigmentation caused by harmful UV rays.

“In tropical Malaysia, the sights of women or even men carrying umbrellas and wearing wide-brimmed hats under the hot sun are common. In fact, most pride themselves on their flawless, porcelain complexion, and are willing to spend hundreds or thousands of ringgit to attain it – from sunscreen, to whitening creams, lotions and serums,” said Mr. Adam Lim during the media briefing conducted by NeoAsia recently.

The main objective of the media briefing is to equip Malaysians with knowledge on the effect of sun exposure on the skin, the importance of sunscreen and what to look for in a sunscreen as well as the innovative benefits of Heliocare Oral.

“With Heliocare Oral, all you need to take on your next beach vacation is a pair of your favourite sunnies,” he added. 

About Heliocare Oral

Heliocare Oral contains active ingredient called Phytobiological Filter: 240mg Fernblock. It is an extract from a type of fern, Polypodium leucotomos is currently the only agent known to provide oral sun protection, making it a major scientific breakthrough in sun damage control. Its’ product benefits include:

  • Protects skin from premature aging and sun damage
  • Inhibits depletion of collagen caused by UVA by 55%
  • Increases skin tissue by up to 66%
  • Increases skin resistance against sunburn by 300%
  • Excellent antioxidant property, reduces free radicals by up to 50%
  • Prevents hyper pigmentation caused by UVA  rays
  • Protects the entire surface of the skin
  • Convenient and easy to use; does not need reapplication in daily sun exposure

About NeoAsia

Founded in 1995, NeoAsia prides itself in setting the standard for aesthetic technology consulting, sales, rentals and services. This is done by combining cutting-edge technologies with exceptional relationships and premier services that extends well beyond the sale. NeoAsia’s corporate headquarters is situated in Singapore, with distribution networks extended to Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand.

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