Kuala Lumpur, 15 May 2013 – NeoAsia (M) Sdn Bhd today announced the installation of the revolutionary ARTAS™ Robotic System by Restorative Robotics, Inc. The ARTAS™ Robotic System is the first and only U.S FDA-cleared, physician-controlled, computer-assisted technology for hair transplantation. This minimally invasive solution offers patients permanent results with no linear scar. The system’s robotic precision offers hair restoration physicians and patients unprecedented levels of safety, efficacy, and patient comfort.

According to International Society of Hair Restorative Surgery (ISHRS), 50% of all men and over 25% of all women worldwide suffer hair loss. Hair loss can impact one’s confidence and outlook on life. Now, thanks to advancement in technology, there are possibilities of hair restoration. With that objective in mind, Restoration Robotics, Inc together with NeoAsia (M) Sdn Bhd introduced the latest technology in hair restoration at its finest with short recovery time and prominent permanent results. The ISHRS reported that in Asia the number of hair restoration procedures increased more than 345% from 2004 to 2010.

“When men reach a certain age, male pattern baldness becomes more visible due to genetic sensitivity. Now with the ARTAS™ Robotic System, they can get hair restoration procedures done within hours, without having to undergo long hours of surgery. The procedure is convenient and patients will regain confidence when they see consistent results within three to four months. I am certain that the ARTAS™ Robotic System with the robotic technology will appeal to many Malaysians as they don’t have to undergo major surgery and it’s almost a painless procedure,” said Dr. Mark A Bishara, M.D.

In the past, the old fashioned “hair plugs” resulted in unnatural-looking hair once implanted. Today, with the ARTAS™ Robotic System, a surgeon has access to robotic precision identifying and harvesting hair directly from the patient’s head, hence resulting in more natural-looking hair. This advanced procedure also delivers their patients with a speedy, precise and high reproducibility result when they undergo the treatment.

As a guy, I understand the seriousness of the issue of balding among men. Hair is not just hair – it represents confidence and for some people, their hairstyle defines their personality. Losing it may just mean redefining yourself. Due to that, the launch of the ARTAS™ Robotic System with robotic technology is a meaningful one, especially for men, as it helps to build and maintain that confidence. We are honored that Restoration Robotics, Inc. trusts us to be the only ARTAS™ Robotic System distributor in Malaysia,” said Mr. Jimmy Ang, Managing Director of NeoAsia (M) Sdn Bhd added.

As the only hair restoration technology that is U.S FDA-cleared, the ARTAS™ Robotic System demonstrates the latest in the hair transplant technology in the market today. It is now available for Malaysians who want to achieve a more full-headed look without undergoing hours of torturing procedures.

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