REGEN Platelet-Rich Plasma Workshops

MALAYSIA, 15 May 2017 – NEOASIA was delighted to have Dr. Patrick Goh, a specialist sport physician from Camden Medical Centre Singapore AND Dr. Jasmine Ruth, a leading aesthetic physician from Nexus Clinic KL to speak for us in our REGEN Platelet-Rich Plasma Workshops this May.

The sessions, each having specific topics, consist of both Dr. Patrick and Dr. Jasmine sharing their great knowledge and experience in using RegenLab A-PRP kits to best cater to their patients. The autologous platelet-rich plasma prepared in the closed system RegenKits is inherently safe and provides optimal accelerated healing as well as excellent efficacy in ageing management, wound care and musculoskeletal pathologies. Demonstrations using RegenKits were held during the interactive workshops, allowing the attending doctors to interact closely with the speakers to better understand the vast advantanges of RegenLab A-PRP kits.

Dr. Patrick Goh during his presentation on the Use of REGEN PRP in Sports Injuries

Dr. Patrick Goh during his careful demonstration on ameliorating knee osteoarthritis using REGEN PRP.

Dr. Jasmine Ruth during her interactive workshop on the Use of REGEN PRP in Skin Rejuvenation

Dr. Jasmine Ruth during her skillful demonstration on giving wonderful lifting effects using Cellular Matrix, which is a specific medical device which combines PRP and HA

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