MALAYSIA, 5 August 2018 – International Medical Aesthetic Conference & Exhibition (IMACE) 2018 hopes to enrich a healthier and more vibrant culture in the future of aesthetics sphere. NEOASIA was happy to have participated in this first extravagant exhibition hosted by Esthetic Medical Solution whose scientific partner being the Malaysian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (MSPRS). The event was held from 4th to 5th August 2018 at the heart of Malaysia – the prestigious Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).

Befitting the IMACE vision to promote the importance of education among aesthetic medical practitioners, NEOASIA took the opportunity to bring about the most updated scientific knowledge on our many exclusive brands to the delegates. They are the great solutions that we offer to practicing dermatologists, aesthetics doctors and alike. The skincare brands include such as NeoStrata, Heliocare, Endocare, Aknicare, Neoretin, and Vivier. We also showcased Neauvia, HA fillers with its newly launched Neauvia Hydrodeluxe, a “Bling Bling Filler” with 0.01% of calcium hydroxyapatite for shine and optimal hydration to the skin. Other than that, there was RegenLab’s Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma that is prepared from your own blood – how this natural product that could promote skin regeneration in a natural way was also shared during this event.

We were also proudly demonstrated our complete series of innovative machines: Quanta Systems Discovery PICO and DEKA Motus AX which is one of the best Alexandrite hair removal options. Furthermore, DEKA ONDA System, the latest technology in fat reduction was introduced during the exhibition. This unique system features CoolWaves technology for body contouring – it targets localized fats, cellulite and aid in skin tightening.


Introducing DEKA ONDA System which features CoolWaves technology for body contouring


NEOASIA is committed to provide the most updated scientific knowledge on our many exclusive brands


With Alessandro, representative of Neauvia organic fillers the second generation fillers

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