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Beauty. Confidence. Success. For consumers, these keywords exemplify the need for quality products in the inundated skincare industry. In the past where scientific treatments were considered revolutionary, the modern dermatological developments are now de rigueur in the competitive nature of the skincare market.

Being the key player in AHA/PHA skincare technology, NeoAsia has been harnessing the challenges and opportunities of the business to make it all happen. Since its inception in 1995, NeoAsia has been dedicated to engaging sales, marketing and distribution of skincare, medical aesthetic equipment and medical device products to the medical community and consumers.

With the advent of technology in the marketplace, NeoAsia recognizes the demands and competitive nature of the business. Being innovative and quality-conscious on science is the mainstay of NeoAsia’s ability – to continuously meet our clients’ needs with specialized solutions and greater results.

Priding itself as the setter for high standards in aesthetic technology, NeoAsia recognizes the need for aesthetics practitioners to maintain their art at its peak. Combining cutting-edge technologies with exceptional relationships and premier services, NeoAsia continues to keep their clients at the forefront of aesthetic trends, keeping their fingers on the pulse of global aesthetic market and bringing only the finest technologies that ensure safety and optimal results, all through science.

NeoAsia's corporate headquarter is situated in Singapore, with our distribution networks extended to Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and China. Our secured geographical coverage of clinics, hospitals and retail outlets in the region is your guarantee to greater distribution and marketing services.