Viveve Inc. began in 2005 with a passionate commitment to women’s health and improving sexual satisfaction through non-surgical vaginal tissue restoration. Viveve is developing a solution that treats loose tissue at the vaginal opening in a single, 30-minute procedure performed in-office by an OB/GYN. Viveve’s goal is to offer the first clinically proven non-surgical treatment for this medical condition, and to spark the conversation between women and their doctors about sexual health. Talking about the changes a woman experiences post-childbirth is the first step in identifying solutions that will improve her quality of life.

The Viveve System uses patented, radio frequency (RF) technology to tighten the tissues around the vaginal introitus or opening. Unlike surgical vaginal reconstruction procedures, the Viveve System can tighten vaginal tissue without incisions, tissue ablation, or anaesthesia. In addition, the procedure requires only a 30-minute treatment in a physician’s office. Given the non-surgical nature of the treatment, patients experience minimal post-treatment restrictions and recovery times.

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