NeoStrata, the founder of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), focuses on the research and development of skin care products to address skin concerns and dermatological conditions such as acne, aging skin and hyperpigmentation. NeoStrata skincare line is designed for the medical market.

With the recent breakthrough in technology, NeoStrata’s latest addition to their anti-aging line of products, Skin Active Line Lift, encourages lifting of deep lines and folds caused by repeated facial expressions. Formulated with patented Aminofil technology, Line Lift volumizes deep skin matrix, helping to activate collagen and hyaluronic acid, filling up deep lines and wrinkles. Line Lift is ideal for hard-to-inject areas, wrinkles such as crow’s feet, frown lines, laugh lines and forehead lines.

Other than anti-aging, NeoStrata knows that hyperpigmentation is another major concern. Enlighten Trio is a skincare regimen specially designed and formulated to target the rising concern of hyperpigmentation on the skin. Formulated with special blend of ingredients, such as patented NeoGlucosamine, Peptide, Alpine Plant Extracts and SabiWhite, this range of products are clinically proven to lighten pigmentation, prevent new dark spots from forming and promote a more even skin tone.
NeoStrata strives to develop the best product to cater to various needs and concerns for the skin.

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