Technology of the 21st century

Neauvia Organic is the world’s first line of fillers so close to nature.

It was developed with use of the latest technologies, ensuring an unprecedented purity and efficiency of preparation. Pure materials and original production make the Neauvia fillers stand out as the new generation of products.

NEAUVIA, present in 56 countries worldwide, is the main Matex Lab brand, the filler and cosmeceutical company headquartered in Lugano with subsidiaries in Italy and Germany.

The brand operates since 2012 and has already qualified as the reference brand for professionals in aesthetic medicine, conquering the world market.

The corebusiness of the company consists of absorbable fillers, NEAUVIA Organic, which stands out in the international scene for combining hyaluronic acid with a unique cross- linker, making the hydrogel cohesive and viscoelastic, but at the same time easy to inject and easy to play with. The high quality standards are guaranteed by the NEAUVIA Organic line product manufacturing technology, chosen by professionals who have performed hundreds of thousands injections with NEAUVIA.

Hyaluronic acid from bacillus subtitlis

Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers owe their popularity to good results, low intrusiveness and safe application. However, there are rare cases where a patient’s body reacts to them against expectations.


Thanks to PEG features and to a precise technique of determining the molecular weight of the HA, Neauvia fillers have the most optimal rheology – the ratio of three properties – on the market.

Crosslinking with PEG polymer

Safety and effectiveness of fillers also depends on how they are stabilised. Usually, a BDDE (a cross-linking agent) is used for this purpose.
Due to its toxicity, it is assumed that the lower its content is, the safer is the product. However, low amount of cross-linker reduces longevity and performance in the tissue.

Calcium Hydroxyapatite supplement

The aging process gradually deprives skin not only of hyaluronic acid, but also of collagen; these precious substances, naturally produced by fibroblasts, are responsible for the skin’s density and flexibility. Reduction of the amount of these substances cause the appearance of wrinkles and aged skin.

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