DEKA Laser

DEKA is a world leader in the design and production of high-tech, advanced laser systems for wide use in medical, surgical and dental applications.

DEKA designs, manufactures and markets Nd:YAG, CO₂, Diode, Alexandrite and other laser sources and systems as well as pulsed light, infrared, ultrasound and radiofrequency equipment for a wide variety of applications in the fields of general health, well-being and body shaping. DEKA also develops its own innovative technologies for enhancing the art of mini-invasive laser surgery.

SmartXide² V²LR

DEKA has developed a new, formidable treatment – the SmartXide² V²LR configuration, to combat ageing-related vulvo-vaginal problems.
This is the latest laser treatment breakthrough for vulvo-vaginal atrophy and cosmetic and functional female genital surgery.

SmartXide², the innovative CO₂ laser system specifically for V²LR (Vulvo-Vaginal Laser Reshaping) deals with the new field of medicine of vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation, both cosmetic and functional. A solution for all women, without the adverse side effects of drug therapies.

Safe and minimally invasive, it is the new alternative to:

  • Pharmacological therapy for post-menopause atrophy of genital mucosa, using the MonaLisa Touch™ treatment;
  • Traditional plastic surgery for the correction of vulvo-vaginal morphological alterations due to hereditary factors, pregnancy or natural ageing.

Surgeons whose daily practice includes surgical techniques, such as reduction labiaplasty, vaginal reshaping orclitoral unhooding, find that the SmartXide2 V²LR CO₂ laser source offers considerably higher performance than the scalpel. In fact, laser stimulates coagulation, attenuates blood loss, minimizes scarring and swelling of the treated tissues, reduces the patient’s post-op discomfort, and increases the firmness and elasticity of the mucosa while stimulating collagen production.

SmartXide² DOT/RF

SmartXide² DOT/RF is an innovative and exclusive configuration designed for aesthetic medicine and dermatological surgery, introducing for the first time the combined action of CO₂ laser with radiofrequency to combat skin alterations as never before.

With synergistic action of the CO₂ laser and RF source, the innovative Hi-Scan DOT/RF can selectively reach all the layers of the skin. Perfectly controlled heat is generated on the surface tissue and also in deeper areas, acting rapidly and effectively with great benefits for the patients.

The CO₂ laser source with exclusive PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology, achieves performance levels never attained before in dermatological applications. The therapeutic action selectively reaches surface tissues and deeper areas, ensuring maximum reliability in controlling the application, with minimum thermal damage and extremely rapid recovery times for patients.

Duolite QS

Duolite QS is the new system especially designed by DEKA for removing tattoos and deep pigmented lesions. Duolite QS is a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser capable of emitting two different wavelengths at 1064 nm (in the infrared) and 532 nm (green light).

The main feature of this Q-switched technology is that it is able to generate an extremely powerful pulse (in MegaWatts) in exceedingly short times (in several nanoseconds – ns). Thanks to this characteristic, and in accordance with the theory of selective photothermolysis, Duolite QS allows for safe and efficacious treatment of different coloured tattoos and deep pigmented lesions, even in patients with dark phototypes.

Synchro VasQ

The new Synchro VasQ from DEKA, is an innovatively designed platform set to become a gold standard approach for the treatment and management of both deep and superficial vascular lesions such as port-wine stains, hemangiomas, telangiectases and erythrosis.

Powered by DEKA’s new, state-of-the-art 595nm selective pulsed dye laser platform, along with a selective pulsed dye lamp handpiece, the Synchro VasQ represents a treatment solution for numerous vascular lesions. The 595nm wavelength is well absorbed by oxyhemoglobin, making this chosen wavelength ideal for various cutaneous vascular anomalies. DEKA’s unique RightLight™ selective pulsed dye lamp handpiece technology allows physicians to effectively and safely treat superficial aesthetic indications.


The Excilite-μ offers a revolutionary way of treating vitiligo and psoriasis with the innovative Monochromatic Excimer Light (MEL@308 nm). The introduction of the MEL@308 nm source for Targeted Phototherapy marks a decisive breakthrough on traditional treatments with NB UVB sources. This new technology, developed and launched on the market by DEKA, helps reduce undesirable side effects, especially in the long term.

Important advantages of Excilite-μ for treating vitiligo and psoriasis:

  • Compared to NB UVB phototherapy it requires fewer sessions. Compared to laser, the sessions are shorter with Excilite-μ. Both benefits enhance the patient’s quality of life without compromising social and work activities.
  • The special handpiece makes it possible to select the shape and size of the irradiation area. Phototherapy is therefore targeted and treats only the lesions even when very small, without involving the healthy perilesional skin. Compared to NB UVB, this enables a drastic reduction in the cumulative dose administrated to the patient.
  • The wavelength (308 nm) selectivity also enables intervention on the more delicate areas, such as the face, minimising side effects such as erythema and burns.
  • Unlike PUVA, Excilite-μ does not require the use of drugs. Successful clinical cases also demonstrate that the MEL@308 nm source of Excilite-μ is efficacious in treating patients who have previously undergone NB UVB phototherapy without satisfactory results.
  • In the treatment of vitiligo, the re-pigmentation process is faster than with NB UVB. Moreover, partial re-pigmentation can also be achieved in areas where NB UVB usually fails, such as hands, elbows, and knees.

Minisilk FT

Minisilk FT represents the latest in the pulsed light technologies developed by DEKA. This system has been designed in line with user-friendly criteria such as simplicity of use, practicality, and effectiveness.

Hair removal using Minisilk FT is a gradual, painless, and effective treatment for all types of hair, skin, and phototype. Benefits include a permanent reduction in the number of hairs and a dramatic slowdown of regrowth.

This is an extremely compact and lightweight device, which can easily be moved from one place to another. The ability of changing the handpiece filters enables rapid selection of the type of application depending on the patient’s phototype.

The effectiveness of DEKA technologies and the broad handpiece speed up treatment time, making Minisilk FT especially suitable for larger body areas. High performance, safe technology and modest outlay make Minisilk FT the ideal instrument to meet patients’ needs for hair removal.

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